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By day we’re speakers, teachers, and Life Consultants. By night we’re imaginative kids dreaming about making the world a better place. We both married our best friend, which makes all the messiness of relationship worth it. We’ve spent over a decade facilitating emotional healing in the lives of thousands of individuals and groups, and training others to do the same. In our podcast, The Connected Life, we share all of the raw and real details about life. Our highest dream is to redefine love in practical and empowering ways. Our hope is that this love would restore and redeem marriages, families, and all the brokenhearted.

Our Story

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Abi Stumvoll

I know what it means to be tormented. By the age of 7, the dysfunction in my family was so overwhelming that I wanted to die. By 12, I had a hormone disorder that amplified the trauma I was experiencing. This resulted in huge mood swings, anxiety attacks, rages, and uncontrollable crying. I lived in a perpetual cycle of breakdowns, depression, consuming self-hatred, and chronic health issues for almost 2 decades. I didn’t think it was possible to get out. BUT I DID.  

There is a cost to freedom. I had to own my story and face my pain. I had to break up with shame and learn how to love myself, accept love from others, and let God love me unconditionally. I had to challenge my beliefs and begin making powerful choices. But the fruit of the work is breathtaking. It’s better than I could have imagined. It’s the comfort of being present in my own skin, feeling alive and valuable and worthy.

Now I laugh all the time, have fulfilling relationships, and my emotions no longer bully me. My life is evidence that every person, no matter what you’ve been through, can experience redemption. Because, if I can create a stable, joy-filled life, ANYONE can. 

Because I’ve had a 1-3 year waiting list over the last 7 years, for personal consulting, I’ve found ways to creatively evolve meeting the demand for transformation. When I’m not creating course curriculum, I’m facilitating Transformation Mastermind groups, as well as training other Life Consultants to do the work I’ve done for over a decade. Due to limited availability all considerations to participate in groups are on an application basis.


Justin Stumvoll

I’m a childlike dreamer who found my life and creativity through a beautiful and painful journey of self-exploration. I’m a risk-taker who’s willing to face my greatest fears no matter the cost. I’m imperfect and flawed in many ways, yet I’ve made peace with these imperfections and found a love for the man behind them.  

I’m a lover of people who dreams of seeing men be men, that they might become liberators of women and children. My hope is to live so fully alive and in love with who I was created to be, that it might inspire the world around me to do the same. My goal is to create space for individuals to find healing and be their most authentic selves through a gritty, vulnerable, and real approach to transformation.

For a day job, I equip and empower individuals, groups, and businesses to create ideal lives, relationships, and workplaces. Using the techniques I’ve developed from over almost two decades of personal development and meeting with over 4,000 individuals, I have a proven track record of tangible and sustainable results. Due to my extremely-limited availability, participation in my consulting program for both individuals and businesses requires an application process.

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