Get healing from your past and hope for your future with this transformational audio e-course.

The Father Series

The Father Series is a transformational audio e-course with 12+ hours of content designed to help you get healing from your past and empower you to step into a great future. It’s like getting years worth of breakthrough from working with a counselor.

It’s filled with inspiring stories, hope, and restoration. This series comes to you as an online audio e-course with a downloadable PDF workbook.


What you’ll get out of doing
The Father Series

Senior father and his young son on a walk in town.


Our experience with our fathers is foundational to the belief system that governs each of us, whether we understand it or not, this is a driving force behind much of our lives.

The Father Series will help you:


Gain Awareness

Gain a clearer awareness of your emotions and beliefs that are driving your daily life and decision making.


Develop Understanding

Develop understanding of how your relationship with your father has affected your heart and your life.


Sometimes we hurt the people we love the most and don’t know why. We’d change if we could, but we don’t know how. Often times all we need is some understanding, practical tools, and courage.

The Father Series will help you to:


Get Empowered

Equip yourself with the tools necessary to process through your emotions and clarity on how to communicate them.


Build Confidence

Grow in your sense of self-worth, self-love, and capacity. Become more bold in all of your relationships.

A Good Father is holding and comforting his csad and pouting baby daughter outside on a spring day.


Looking backward is vital to moving forward. Facing what we came from creates lasting change that deepens relationships making our lives and others more fulfilled.

The Father Series will help you:


Find Resolution

Put to rest unresolved heart ache that has been governing your life through healing past wounds.


Experience connection

Experience deeper connection with your loved ones through eliminating fears that have controlled your life.

“It's like a year's worth of breakthrough from a counselor”

what people are saying

Out of thousands of people here’s just a glimpse of what others have already experienced.

The power of this series is that it’s filled with raw and real-life experiences. It validates the places of pain in our lives that have remained hidden and harmful. The true gold is the hope that comes from the testimonies that are shared. It covers father issues like nothing else has. It’s a resource that hasn’t existed. It shines a light on problems AND gives practical perspectives with steps to move forward. Ultimately it leads us to a greater relationship with a God whose desire for us is to be healthy and whole.

For the first time in a really long time, I was able to cry, which was a huge deal for me. It feels like a new beginning, like I can move forward knowing that there’s a lot to learn, or unlearn, but I don't feel powerless or overwhelmed by it all anymore. Also, I felt like my approach to fathering before this series was very black and white, but this series gave me space to really explore my approach to being a dad.

I just finished this series and I'm currently crying at Barnes & Noble because I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned. I'm now willing to have hard conversations. I am no longer ashamed of my feelings. I’ve become a more powerful person and have noticed that it's contagious. I’m choosing to love myself despite others’ opinions of me. I’m learning to truly forgive, not live in fear, and understanding what it feels like to be happy and free. I’m a better mom, wife, sister, and daughter because of this series.

I was painfully aware of the brokenness in my heart. I felt small and crippled toward the subject of fathers, unaware of how much impact it had on my present life and relationships. I walked away from this series seeing my earthly father in a light I would have never expected, I no longer feel alone in this area, I have hope for my healing, and trust In God’s heart for me. I highly recommend this series! It’s a tool that I personally will come back to time and time again.

I’m finally able to accept that even if I could get my dad to do everything that I thought I needed it still wouldn’t be enough. It’s ok to let go, move forward, and stop dragging both of us through it.

This series helped me discover a new grace for myself as a dad with my three kids. I also had a realization that there are aspects of my relationship with God that are broken where I don’t trust Him. Ultimately, I had the opportunity to grow further in relationship with my dad even though he seemed great growing up.

The way I see my dad has profoundly changed. Before I had an invisible wall up in front of him that kept me from truly seeing him. I couldn't see him as broken because he broke me. I couldn't see him as a child because he never let me be a child. I couldn’t see his pain because I could only see mine. For the first time I feel like I really had a softness towards my dad. I feel like the way I saw my childhood was challenged and I began to understand that the painful experiences with my parents weren't a commentary on my value, or my identity.

I feel more mature after this series. I feel more confident, especially in relating to my dad, because I’m able to deal with my past better. I no longer feel like the girl with “daddy issues” whose pain is dictating the things that happen to her in life.

This series has shown me that I’ve made things high stakes and been way too critical of myself as a father. Instead of showing myself kindness and grace, I’ve treated myself as an internal punching bag through criticism over my perceived failings and shortcomings. It was as though one misstep could lead to a permanently damaging failure at any moment. It was a tormenting way to live, but not anymore!

This series helped me realize that the anxiety I have struggled with in the past couple of years has been because of the pressure and expectation I put on myself. I’ve believed the lies that I am too much, too broken, and too far behind. I believed these were things God thought about me. Through hearing other people’s stories, I no longer feel alone in mine. I now understand that the shame I put on myself, over struggles with God, was a wall that had kept me from really experiencing Him.

This series is specially designed to walk you through the most intense experiences you’ve ever had around the topic of fatherhood, but in the gentlest way your heart has ever known.

I would highly recommend this series! But it does take bravery and being willing to get real and uncomfortable. Every episode was mesmerizing, and the workbook questions are provoking in a way that helped me to connect deeply to the topics being addressed. As I type this, I can still feel an experience that I had with Father God during this series. I want to go back through it all again!!

I would recommend this this series to everyone I know! It’s desperately needed because our view and experience of fathering effects almost every area of our life. This series gives a healed and clear view of the places where we’ve experienced pain and helps us heal so we can live as healthy adults.

Anyone who wants to grow in intimacy and is looking for restoration, not only in family, but any relationships, will benefit from this series. I think everyone needs to go through this!

The Father Series is very raw, beautiful, insightful, and practical. I laughed, cried, and was challenged. Best of all, I have felt the Father’s love in greater depths. It has given me a great road map on how to be powerful in my pursuit of knowing the God, but it has also highlighted and shined light on places of pain and lies that I have believed about Him. I feel closer to Father God than ever before and greater depths of healing in my own heart.

This course seriously challenged me! I didn't expect to see my dad so differently. It’s also introduced me to a different way of seeing life and I have hope to continue on. Also, I don't feel powerless or overwhelmed by my father issues anymore. Those things are huge takeaways for me! I would 1,000,0000% recommend The Father series.

EVERYONE needs to take this course. I got major freedom, healing, joy, and truth from it. I got totally new perspectives of God and Jesus I never had before. This has a great understanding of emotional health while being able to bring God into it. I would recommend this to “Believers” and non-believers alike, as everyone can relate to the stories they share. It was a good, heart wrenching series that helped me see there is hope for my past and future!

I’m finally having fun with God. I no longer think He hates me. I now know He loves me and I'm loving it! Thank you for this series!

12 Part Audio E-Course Includes:

  1. The Importance of Dialoguing About Fathers
  2. The Attributes of a Healthy Father
  3. The Effects of Fathers on Their Daughters
  4. The Effects of Fathers on Their Sons
  5. Finding Wholeness After Being Hurt: Special Guest Paul Young
  6. Confronting our Fathers: Hope for Healing and Connection
  7. Laying to Rest Our Father Wounds
  8. Stories of Good Fathers
  9. Bonus Episode: Returning To Childlikeness
  10. Father God
  11. Compassion for Father’s
  12. Moving Forward: Steps to Forgiveness

With Special Guest:

Paul Young, Author of The Shack


PDF Workbook + Bonus Paperback workbook

As an addition to this series, we’ve created a 140-page, in-depth, PDF workbook to accompany this audio E-course. (As a FREE BONUS gift, you'll also receive a paperback workbook with a digital MP3 download pack so you can listen on any compatible audio devices, while supplies last.)

This workbook is filled with thought-provoking questions and homework we’ve given 1000’s of clients, along with practical wisdom on how to walk through the healing process.

Because we believe that going on the healing journey with community is vital, as a bonus, included in the workbook is a small group leaders guide for those people who want to go on a healing journey with their friends and family.


If you’re ready to experience love, and break the negative cycles in your life, The Father Series will lead you on that journey.