The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an allegorical novel that chronicles the journey each of us must take to find healing from the bumps and bruises incurred through life.

The message for everyone is that we must learn how to come alive wherever we find ourselves planted.


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Meet Oakie

Through an act of providence, Oakie the acorn is buried in an apple orchard by an eccentric adventurer, Otis the wild-eyed squirrel. Oakie finds himself in an unfamiliar world, wrestling with who he is and whether or not he should stay.

After a thrilling adventure exploring the world beyond the orchard, Oakie returns to an unexpected nemesis named Joshua, “the people”. When tragedy strikes, Oakie and Joshua must face their greatest losses and embark on the most crucial journey of their lives, changing their destiny forever.

Meet the Orchard

What do Joshua the imaginative boy, Otis the wild-eyed squirrel, Morgan the father tree, Houdini the fearless rabbit, Smokey the faithful raccoon, Duke the revolutionary ant, and Verstand the wise eagle owl have in common? 

Like the relationships that cross each of our paths, these whimsical and uniquely different characters are vitally woven into the tapestry of who Oakie is truly made to be.

Rich in personality and differences, you’ll find yourself being moved by their stories as they become a part of yours.

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Chapter 36

What is the Message?

The Tree of Life is a hopeful, yet honest look at the journey of surrender, acceptance, and trust in the midst of facing grief and discovering who we’ve been created to be. 

It’s an invitation for adults to return to the joys of imaginative innocence and a promise to children that everything they need to fulfill their dreams is within them.

What influencers are saying
about The Tree of Life

I highly recommend this inspiring story of hope and triumph...

“The Tree of Life is a beautiful allegory revealing the nature of a Father who loves unconditionally. This perfect love erases all self-imposed limits in this journey we call life. I highly recommend this inspiring story of hope and triumph that will challenge you and your children to fully come alive where you are planted.”

Bill Johnson
Best-Selling Author of When Heaven Invades Earth

It makes me yearn for the old days when "kids’ books" were big and fat...

“Justin is talented enough to hook you on the first page. The writing is a joy! It makes me yearn for the old days when "kids’ books" were big and fat and mom read a chapter aloud every night--before the invention of TV.”

Former Acquisitions Editor at Zondervan Publishing

It has the possibility of bringing healing to so many.

“The message of this book couldn’t be more timely! It has the possibility of bringing healing to so many. The wisdom imparted through this book will help both you and your children become healthy and strong.”

Seth Dahl
Family Health Strategist and Public Figure

If your family enjoys movies like Disney-Pixar, Meet the Robinsons, Inside Out, Up, and A Bug’s Life, you’ll love The Tree of Life


Listening is the new reading!

In a fast-paced life, taking the time to sit down and read a book can be difficult, but it shouldn’t stop us from experiencing the creative stories that find their way to paper.

This is why I personally dug into my Bachelors degree in film, put on my acting hat, and professionally recorded this story. 

Giving life to the characters, through lending my voice acting to this tale, will give you a front row seat to this story as it existed in my head during its creation.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this book on a whole new level. Get yours today.

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Get ready for a wholesome story, packed with adventure, wisdom and heart, for young and old alike!


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I loved this book so much and experienced so much unexpected emotional healing throughout my read. As an adult, I found myself playfully enjoying a children’s story while identifying with the characters in the book. This helped me see my own pain, shame, and fear, which led to healing. The story is captivating and fun. I laughed, I shed tears, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book!



I cannot begin to tell you the impact your writing has had on my life. It was an absolute God-send at the time where I needed it the most. I have read countless texts on shame, guilt and condemnation. Both secular and Christian. NOTHING connected the dots for me like this allegory. I cannot thank you enough for persevering in writing this book. You have something of great value to share.



I have four children ages 13, 11 year old twins, and an 8 year old. They would wake up saying, "Please read Oakie!!" Every night before bed they would say the same!! Our whole family fell in LOVE with this book! We continually laughed and even cried a few times. This book has such a great message.... To fully live!!



This book is incredible and shouldn't be overlooked just as a children’s story. The author explores the idea of growing up and maintaining a child-like innocence throughout life. Prospering where you are planted is no easy feat, especially when life brings hardship. I loved it and would recommend it for kids and adults!



Talk about a full circle book! I took my time reading this book and I'm glad that I did. It was full of funny moments and nuggets that made me put the book down and think about what I just read. I've been engaging my imagination on purpose a lot more now and learning how to have fun and be wild like I used to be. I loved it all and it will be a yearly read for me!



I am writing from my mom's account since I am 10 and don't have one. I loved The Tree of Life because I can understand it. It is fun, but I also learned from it. I learned that God can use all things for good for us.

Adam (10 years old)


What it has brought to my life about enjoying the moment and being present is so precious. A lot of healing has been found through it as well!



An absolute must-read, especially for creatives with a past of shame, control, and judgment! This is one of those great books that is accessible enough to speak to young readers, but can also cut through to the heart of anyone who is open to hearing the message. Reconnect with the self you may have left behind.

Jamin (Father of 6)


This book is so incredibly amazing and fun to read. Such wisdom put in allegorical format. Destined to be a classic up there with Hinds Feet in High Places. Not just for kids. I read this through in one afternoon - couldn't put it down.


The Birth of The Tree of Life

The Birth of The Tree of Life

It was 2008, the U.S. economy was about to crash, and I was too ignorant to know that getting married and quitting my stable job, to travel the US with my wife, was a bad idea. ⁣

⁣Over the course of the next year I would spend my entire savings.⁣ ⁣I would come to terms with my greatest fears of inadequacy and abandonment.⁣

⁣I found myself in a puddle of tears and panic pleading for an answer on what to do next. ⁣The phrase, “Learn how to come alive,” echoed out in my soul. ⁣

The Birth of The Tree of Life

The Birth of The Tree of Life

⁣It didn’t make sense, but I was determined to discover what it meant to come alive.⁣

⁣What I found is that it started with surrendering my need for control and discovering my childlike wonder that had been lost so long ago. ⁣

⁣Though the journey kicked me in the butt at times, I eventually found a peace and joy that transcended anything I had ever experienced. ⁣

The Birth of The Tree of Life

The Birth of The Tree of Life

⁣In the midst of it all, I found myself inspired to put my energy, and script writing knowledge, into writing an allegory saturated with the lessons I was learning as I was coming alive to the life right in front of me. ⁣

The Tree of Life is that story. It was five years in the making. Now seven years later this tale of truth and adventure has become an audiobook.⁣

The Birth of The Tree of Life

The Birth of The Tree of Life

Dreams don’t happen overnight, but through every hardship I’ve learned that faithfulness, perseverance, and trust are the pillars to promises being fulfilled. ⁣

⁣If you and your family are in need of a giant dose of hope and joy head to and get yourself a copy of my audiobook The Tree of Life.⁣

I promise, you won’t be disappointed!⁣

Learn how to come alive where you’re planted